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SA gets its chunk of vampire flesh

Now he was a vampire!

It’s no secret the world has gone vampire dilly. From the myriad of blood-sucker-themed TV series’, movies and books that have permeated popular culture of late, it’s pretty clear that humans have become obsessed. What exactly this says about our world culture, we’ll leave for a whole other blog!

The thing about trends is that after a while those with an entrepreneurial spirit tend to jump on the bandwagon and start vying for the cash. Right now, vampires are big bucks. Just ask Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stweart, who probably never have to work a day in the rest of their lives.
So, it’s no surprise we now have not one but two new South African vampire flicks. Eternity was (apparently) released in December but since we have literally heard nothing (good or bad) about it as yet, we’re assuming most people just, um…waited for the DVD. Since we doubt you’ve heard much about it either, we’ll just catch you up a bit.
In the moody, Gotham-esque inner-city of Johannesburg (of course that’s where vampire hang out- no one else does!), we meet Billy, a vampire described by the producers as, ‘a sensitive, handsome young vampire’. Aw, how sweet…that’s just how we like our vampires. But what does Billy yearn for more than anything? You guessed it. A soul mate.

Scary vampire Christina

While Eternity is certainly not rewriting the genre, we’re very keen to see how the cast, including Christina Storm, Ian Roberts, David James, Hlomla Dandala and Brumilda van Rensburg handled the ‘delicate’ subject matter. At a smokey nightclub Billy meets Jenny (beautiful. human of course). They fall in love despite ex-girlfriend Christina Storm, trying to destroy the budding relationship. Then, just as it seems like they’ll be riding off into the Joburg smog together for eternity…you guessed it – vampire war.

OK, you can see the trailer…

And if the film’s dizzying plot fails to enthral you, you can always console yourself while listening to the gruff-voiced Prime Circle on the soundtrack.

“We looked at a couple of different variations on the vampire genre and we then decided to write our own home-grown vampire story,” says producer Anton Ernst “This is not an overly dark or violent tale. It’s a mainstream, sexy movie with a gorgeous cast, and great make-up and special effects.”

Inge channels her inner vampire

What’s not going to be mainstream is the other South African vampire film set for release in a few months. Very little is known about this mysterious production, except that Colin Moss has described it as ‘very rock n roll’. Well, with a cast that includes Inge Beckmann from Lark and Francois van Coke from Fokofpolisiekar (and all the other bands in Cape Town), we must agree, it all sounds rather rock n roll indeed.

With very little more than a couple of teaser trailers to go on, as well as a decidedly uninformative Facebook page, ‘Bloedsuiers’ has got locals a little intrigued. And when you’re in the vampire business, intrigue is your friend.
After watching the trailers featuring Francois, one can’t help thinking that these are not ‘handsome, sensitive’, Edward-type vamps. Colin Moss (man on the inside) also assured the public that they were not at all sparkly. However, we can’t help but notice that they do wear skinny jeans, which means that they are, to all acounts and purposes trendy.

They are also Afrikaans -or at least the movie is! We’re not sure we ever expected to see and Afrikaaner Vampire flick featuring rock stars in skinny jean pant, but there you go. The world (and South Africa) is definitely changing!
We’re sufficiently intrigued…and we’re willing to bet good money that Prime Circle and the Parlotones will not be appearing on this soundtrack.

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