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Sunshine, lollipops & Vuvuzelas!

Sergeant Fu - Colourful...

So, we love South African music and we especially love to discover new bands, artists and ground-breaking genres on the SA scene. So, you could say we keep our noses (and ears) fairly close to the ground for any rumblings of the new and interesting.

Thus we’ve got a little treat for you this morning. And we do mean treat, as this particular group are all about the kind of saccharine-coated, fizz pop and jelly bean sweetness that takes you right back to your early 80’s- 90’s SA childhood.

Sergeant Fu have dubbed themselves, ‘the New Cliff Richard’. And after viewing their debut music video, ‘ela, ela, vuvuzela’, I have to admit, it does harken back to the (totally unintentional) trippy-ness of Summer Holiday.

According to the Joburg band’s biog, ‘The two captains driving this Party-Bus are Matthew Marinus & Ryno Zeelie and together they have gone on a quest to create a NEW genre, which they have called “Feel-Good”.’

Furthermore, ‘By creating this new musical fusion, Sergeant Fu aims to bring light and happiness to our everyday; routine-filled lives and takes no time at all at winning over the hearts of many.’

Well, we will leave you to make that decision for yourselves.

While we are pretty stoked someone had the balls to write a song dedicated to the delights (and myriad uses) of South Africa’s most famous almost-instrument, I could’t decide whether the song actually does it any justice?

But after listening to the rest of the tracks off Sergeant Fu’s debut offering, you start to get a vibe for this retro-centric disco-cheese.

Aside from 80’s-90’s childhood nostalgia, (or maybe because of it?) we couldn’t help but think of Tweak when listening to them! Well… combined with a little Mika and sprinkled with some 2 Door Cinema Club.

Their debut album titled “Push the Awesome Button” was released in 2010 and will probably worm it’s way into your bed and charm your pants off- even if you swore it wasn’t gonna happen. Buy it right off their FB page!

The Brothers Streep - Classy

Another band that comes to mind when we listen to Sergeant Fu’s quirky vibe, is Cape Town duo, The Brothers Streep. While the bros, are more pointedly taking the piss, being known as a parody band, along the lines of the Flight of the Conchords, there is a certain cheeky similarity.

We felt it was important to give the Streeps some props here on Safindit Xtra because they are also extremely talented and we think more people should enjoy their awesomeness.

Did you know they even had a brief ‘appearance’ serenading Anna Paquin on the Graham Norton Show?!!

Performing as both a duo and full band, they’ve been making waves playing at events like Rocking the Daisies (2010) and The 1st Annual Comics Choice Awards (2011), and have debuted their own full length show at The Gilded Balloon as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (2010).

Dylan Hichens and Simon van Wyk are the main Bros and their songs span a variety of topics, from flavoured milk products to Disney princesses, as well as pirates, the economy, movie twists and other day-to-day observations – and our personal favourite…Bruce Willis.

Completing the band are their friends and fellow ‘brothers’, Tim Smith, Richard Graham and Tim Price.

Their first full band album, Suitable For The Whole Family (2010) followed up to their debut duo release, “It Couldn’t Have Been Miss Scarlett, She Was With Us At The Time…” in 2006.

If you feel like a laugh as well as some cracking good tunes, give them a bash! And Streeps? Come down to Durbs sometime! We’ll hook you up this side. ;)

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