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Indian werewolves?!

So, first we had Afrikaans vampires and now we have Indian werewolves…
We have to admit we’ve been a little slow on the uptake in this regard as Attack of the Indian Werewolf actually premiered at last year’s Durban International Film Festival and was later screened at Suncoast Casino during January.

Still, we’ve noticed the film and its musical spinoffs have been getting quite a bit of attention online and so we felt it was our duty to expose this absolute spoof-cheese gem to the rest of SA.

The film was produced and directed by local journalist Masood Boomgard and places East Coast Radio DJ Neville Pillay in the starring role – as well as a few other roles. Neville reckons it was his first time in front of a camera and was a major learning curve for him.

Described by the director as, ‘South Africa’s most ambitious film to date -a hilarious, over the top horror spoof set in Durban,’ the film has so far received rave reviews from local audiences.

The storyline goes something like this:”Brandon (Neville Pillay) is a timid electronics store clerk whose life is turned upside down when a chance encounter with the mystical jadoo bean transforms him into a ferocious wolf-like creature from which no one is safe — let alone his cheating girlfriend (Avashnee Vandiar) and abusive boss (A.K Khan).
Brandon’s spontaneous transformations into the beast cause him to unleash bloody carnage across his town and it is up to his best friend, the over the top Kuben (Sanjeev Singh) and his childhood sweetheart Samantha (Kajal Maharaj) to find a cure to the jadoo bean’s curse and put an end to the havoc.”

You can’t help but laugh at the over-the-top spoofy acting, the bad wigs and prosthetic gore as well as the unforgettable ‘werewolf’ that looks more like Wooffles from Pumpkin Patch.

One scary werewolf...

Add to this the hilarious Durbanisms and local Indian culture references and it’s a recipe for comedy gold – at least with the Indian population.

Still, after watching this trailer, we’re pretty certain that the upcoming Afrikaans vampire film, Bloodsuiers (though not in the same comedy genre) is going to have a bit more commercial appeal?

A spin-off of the film has been the hilarious soundtrack, composed by RAJIV (who incidentally plays himself in the film. RAJIV is basically like an Indian Jack Parow. He raps/sings about how many ‘stekkies’ he has and how much he loves his ‘cab’ as well as extolling the virtues of Indian cuisine. It’s pretty funny actually.

RAJIV’s Facebook page describes hims in so many words:
“Hailing from parts unknown, RAJIV has taken the pop/hip-hop/rnb/jazz/blues and chutney music industries by storm. His unique blend of award winning lyrics, coupled with his stellar dance moves has led to him being called “perhaps the finest artist of his generation” and “a true all round creative genius” by unnamed journalists and critics alike. RAJIV is currently in his close connection’s home studio, hard at work on his debut album, to be distributed by a yet unnamed Pakistani distribution organisation.”

You can buy your copy of Attack of the Indian Werewolf here.

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