Happy Madiba Day!

93 today!

The country is all aflutter today and it’s not the fuel crisis that is dominating headlines, but the birthday of Madiba.
At 8am this morning over 12 million school children simultaneously sang a special birthday song to the former president, which was broadcast over SABC & Primedia radio.

The event was coordinated by the Education Department, Lead SA and the Nelson Mandela Foundation. LeadSA are also leading the call to South Africans to spend 67 minutes of your day doing something positive in your community.
“Madiba’s life is a testimony to the triumph of the human spirit. Through every hardship he has never wavered in his devotion to democracy, equality and learning,” reads the message on their website, “Join us in celebrating Tata Mandela’s 93rd birthday by: Singing Happy Birthday to him in your work place, school or home along with the rest of South Africa. Volunteer 67 minutes or more of your time to make a difference in the lives of others.”


Meanwhile the man of the hour is in his Eastern Cape home of Qunu, spending quality time with his family. He has been visited by old friends and former colleagues, who say he is in good spirits and physically well.
Tributes have been pouring in for Madiba throughout the morning via Facebook, Twitter, radio and newspapers with celebrities and politicians leading the social media fray.
“Happy 93rd birthday Madiba. The biggest present will be if we honour your legacy. South Africa has a very long way to go to achieve that. May we work everyday to do so,” said Helen Zille.

“He has given us certain work to do and one of the instructions was that we should never forget the plight of the poor and that we all have a responsibility to do what e can to help them,” Cape Town Mayor Patricia De Lille commented.

Even Hillary Clinton recorded a birthday greeting for the occasion!
“I hope that we have many more years to celebrate with you and to spend time thinking about everything that you have given to us. There is no gift we can give to you that in any way matches the blessings you have given first and foremost to your country, but also to the rest of the world,” she said.

And of course, our very own Hof would not miss an opportunity to say something!
“What he was for the early 90s is what we need for the early 10s. The pacifier, the man with the reconciliatory smile that makes us all feel like first class citizens…,” said Steve Hofmeyer.

Aside from the songs and wishes, people all over SA have been taking part in fund-raising and charity campaigns in honour of South Africa’s most revered statesmen.

Thanks for the memories.

From Bikers for Mandela, which DJ Fresh was involved in throughout last week, to a massive artwork which was unveiled on Tuesday last week featuring 67 handprints of famous people.
Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu was there to unveil the piece, which also displays his own handprints. “Madiba has said ‘it is in your hands’ and each of us can do something, each of us can just do a small thing, sometimes it can just be a smile, or drying a tear. Do what God moves you to do,” he sid.
It was in 2009 that Mandela Day was declared by the United Nations and Madiba asked that South Africans take 67 minutes our of their day to contribute to their community.

One easy and helpful thing you can do today for your 67 minutes is to donate blood.
SANBS spokesperson Vanessa Raju has said that blood stock levels are extremely low and that they are in desperate need of donations.
“We have actually asked all hospitals to put all planned surgery on hold because should the patient end up needing blood, we may not be able to supply it,” she said.
Do what you can today to positively impact someone’s life. It can be as easy as making another person smile.

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