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You can #AskHelenZille Anything

She LOL's it off!

We’ve always admired how Helen Zille takes the time to reply to people’s questions and concerns on Twitter. Many an evening we have giggled at her patient replies to inane requests like, ‘My power has gone out. Fix it Helen’ and ‘what are you going to do about the water leak on ‘insert street name’ Helen?’

It’s admirable that she uses this social media tool to its’ best effect as Memeburn has applauded her this week. But now its’ not just crazy council and political problems you can go to Helen with. You can #AskHelenZille pretty much anything. Thanks to our old friend Deep Fried Man, the hashtag is now trending worldwide and Helen has been besieged with bizarre questions ranging from the philosophical to the improbable.

It all began when comedian and Tweeter @Deepfriedman tweeted: “My new advice column, ‘Ask @helenzille’. In which Helen Zille helps answer life’s difficult questions. Or ignores them.” His following example, ‘#AskHelenZille questions: “I’m afraid of the dark. Is this normal for an adult, or should I feel ashamed?”’ opened the floodgates that has had South Africans loling themselves silly for the past 24 hours.

Some of the more valid questions included:
“Dear @HelenZille, was Bryce Lawrence paid off?” @Jacques_Music
“Dear @helenzille, is calling someone a ginger, racist?” @yazurd
“What’s the meaning of life? #askhelenzille” @SarahDuff
“Dear @HelenZille , why is the time when the traffic is slowest called rush-hour?” @EstoyRams
And our personal favourite,
“Hey @helenzille what’s the correct ratio of water to concentrate when makin Oros juice?” @SimaRulz

@Deepfriedman started it.

Then there were the more…abstract ones…
“@helenzille If I am an Orphan, is Joshua Door still my Uncle?” @simmiareff
“Dear @HelenZille.. Did the Bahamen ever find out who let the dogs out ??” @WyzeeQue
“@helenzille. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? “ @JayzussDear
“Dear Helen Zille, can fat people go skinny dipping?” @Nunucia

All the while a stalwart Helen has remained calm, collected and decidedly witty as usual. In response to the question, ‘Would you mind being Msholozi’s next wife?’, Helen’s reply was ‘I’m twice the age and half the size he likes.’

As opposed to certain other politicians who may have been put off by the trend, Helen has remained light-hearted, responding to the odd questions and even asking if the Tweeters could try to, ‘make vote@helenzille trend too? Lol’.

The tweets continued to trickle in this afternoon despite some feeling that the trend was now over and others taking a more serious tone with their questions.

It was a good day for HZ. Now she knows exactly what to do next time she wants to go viral. Get a comedian to reference her and ride the Twitter wave all the way to election victory!

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