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Meet KB Motsilanyane

Meet KB

KB Motsilanyane grew up surrounded by music with both her parents writing choral music, her mother managing a choir in which her sister was a lead vocalist. After earning her National Diploma in Musical Theatre from Tshwane University of Technology, the young and ambitious Keabetswe became a household name for her role as ‘Kaybee’ in eTV’s Backstage.

In 2001 she played the role of Pointer Sister in the movie Ali (2001) which also featured Will Smith.
Her debut album, ‘Beautiful Vibrations’ was released in 2002 followed by ‘Rock Lefatse’ in 2003.
KB has just released her 6th studio album, four of them earning her accolades in the form of SAMA andf Metro FM awards.
She played the leading role of Phaphama Molefe in the first season of the SABC1 drama series Mtunzini.com, but left the show in 2007 to take up her current role in Rhythm City.

KB is known for fusing Afro pop, R&B, Latino, house and jazz elements, which she rounds-off with an impressive delivery that is captivating, choreographed with passion and precision to create a memorable audience experience.
KB’s 6th album RUN FREE: THE EVOLUTION is a testament to her growth and development as an award-winning artist and some say, her best work.
She worked with young and talented (Kalawa) producer – DJ Navy and co-composer Nqobi on this 14 track offering and the final product is dynamic, exuding energy and passion with all-round wonderful artistry.

Q: The all important personal profile. How would a close friend introduce you at a social event? I.e.
Name, age, company, interesting fact etc.
A: Keabetswe, singer and actress.

Q: Tell us something that not many others know about you. This could be anything from a phobia to
your favorite movie.
A: I don’t know if it’s a phobia, but I cannot handle snakes!!!

Q: What do you enjoy doing when you want to get away from it all?
A: Laying in bed, watching movies with the loves of my life.

Q: How would you describe your dream home and where in South Africa would you like it to be?
A: Spacious, lots of sun, wooden floors, flowers, fruits, lots of love and cushions. At Zinkwazi, KZN or on the hill in Moruleng.

Music Career:
Q: You’ve worked in everything from TV to music to production and radio. Are you just one of those
people who likes to try new things or do you get bored easily?
A: I’m blessed to be able to do a lot of things and right now I don’t want to choose : ). If I can do all, I will.

Q: Is there a particular sector of the entertainment industry you enjoy most or any others you’d like
to try out?
A: I have been enjoying being in the forefront, on stage, but now I’m working my way back behind the scenes. I have a lot that I want to do that doesn’t necessarily involve me as a singer.

Q: What do you hope to give people when you’re on stage?
A: Inspiration, something to dance to, and space to release inhibitions.

Q: You’ve performed hundreds of live shows over the years. Do you still get the feeling
of anticipation and excitement when you go on?
A: Everytime. It’s very important to never undermine your audience, and give your best each time.

Q: What kind of live shows do you enjoy playing most?
A: My own. I get to experiment with different concepts and themes on stage.

Q: How important do you think it is for musicians/ creative minds to meet and collaborate?
A: Only if its organic and makes sense. Not just for the sake of it.

Q: Which local acts do you find very exciting right now?
A: Prime Circle. I got to perform one of their songs with them at a function, and it was awesome!

Life in South Africa

Q: Have you or any of your immediate family been affected by crime? If yes, has it changed your
perception of the country and the way you and your family live your lives?
A: We are all affected by crime whether directly or indirectly. It can be quite discouraging.

Q: Have you ever considered emigration? If yes, where do you think you would emigrate to?
A: Not all. This is my home.

Q: If you were given the opportunity of sitting down with the president, what advice would you offer
A: Pay attention. Our leaders think they know what we need and I strongly feel they don’t.

Q: South Africa’s greatest musical export is?
A: Ladysmith Black Mambazo I think.

Life in Joburg
Q: What do you enjoy the most about living in Joburg?
A: There’s a lot of opportunities, if one is ready for the hussle.

Q: Favourite restaurant in or around Joburg for lunch with friends?
A: Kevin’s Coffee Shop at Sasani. Kevin loves food, and is very knowledgeable about it. Menu is very healthy and tasty, and the outdoor patio setting is just good for the soul.

Q: What is the one place in Joburg that is a must visit for all tourists?
A: Soweto. There’s a lot of history there, but it has also evolved into a world class hangout destination.

Q: If you were able to pick anyone as your mentor, who would it be and why?
A: Connie Ferguson, Bassie Khumalo, I watched them build themselves into powershouses and truly admire their strength and entrepreneurship.

Q: One book that you would make required reading for all matric pupils?
A: ‘You Can If You Think You Can’, by Norman Vincent Peale

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