Meet Makhosazana Zwane-Siguqa

Makhosazana Zwane-Siguqa

As editor of Drum Magazine, Makhosazana Zwane-Siguqa holds the helm of one of the country’s oldest and most influencial magazines.
Drum celebrated its’ 60th anniversary in October with a massive gala event and marked the event with the release of a commemorative special edition magazine with contributions by Zukiswa Wanner, Lebo Mashile, Mike Nicol and Simphiwe Danaare, alongside the famous Drum photographs of Peter Magubane, Alf Kumalo and Jürgen Schadeberg.
Makhosazana, or ‘Khosi’ as her readers call her, interestingly began her media journey as a newspaper journalist with Media 24. She later became News Editor at Drum magazine where she flourished. In 2007 she accepted the opportunity to become Editor at Move!, which went on to become the best-selling women’s magazine in the country. Khosi’s appointment as editor of DRUM in 2010 was hailed as a significant milestone in the history the magazine. Recently Khosi is said to have made a foray into acting with a cameo appearance as a magazine editor on local soapie, The Wild.


Q: The all important personal profile. How would a close friend introduce you at a social event? i.e. Name, age, company, interesting fact etc.
A: Makhosazana Zwane-Siguqa, Age 32, Editor of DRUM magazine . I’m a wife, mom, daughter and sister.

Q: Tell us something that not many others know about you. This could be anything from a phobia to your favourite movie.
A: I don’t like going out.

Q: What do you enjoy doing when you want to get away from it all?
A: Relaxing with my husband in a town or place where no one knows us.

Q: How would you describe your dream home and where in South Africa would you like it to be?
A: My dream home is spacious and comfortable.Where? One of SA’s beautiful seaside towns.


Q: You’ve been editor of Drum for almost 1 year exactly now. How has the experience been for you?
A: Great- I achieved what I set out to achieve and still learnt a lot.

Q: What do you feel most proud of in your first year as editor?
A: 1. Celebrating DRUM60th in grand style and introducing my hero, Mama Winnie Madikizela Mandela on stage and presenting her with a DRUM icon award.
2. Publishing DRUM 60th Commemorative Collector’s edition.

Q: How do you feel to be in the position of editor as Drum celebrates its 60th anniversary. What does this mean to you personally?
A: I am one of the luckiest professionals in SA. I edit a magazine that has shaped the thinking of many generations and more to come.

Q: What do you think are the most significant changes that Drum has undergone in recent years?
A: The inclusion of celebrity content.

Q: What do you believe Drum offers its readers that other magazines don’t?
A: Our history, the present and the future…

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job as editor of Drum?
A: No two days are the same.

Q: How important is it to Drum to build a greater online and mobile presence?
A: It’s an editorial and business priority- Or online presence and exponential growth in social media proves that.

Q: How do you feel the growth of digital media has impacted your publication in particular?
A: We embraced it and so the impact has been a positive one.

Q: Do you think that digital media will ever completely overtake print media?
A: No

Q: Who has been your biggest influence or mentor in your career and why?
A: There isn’t one single person but there are a few women whom I admire and am thankful to for influencing my thinking, career and growth.

Life in South Africa:

Q: Have you ever considered emigration? If yes, where do you think you would emigrate to?
A: Never- I am a South African. I am committed to playing my part in making our country a success.

Q: If you were given the opportunity of being president for a period of time. Which issues would you address first?
A: The unemployed youth challenge(s).

Q: If you were tasked with spending a portion of the Lotto revenues on improving South Africa, what would your first project be?
A: Investing in education, especially in rural areas.

Q: One book that you would make required reading for all matric pupils?
A: Any book that prepares them for the challenges ahead once they’re out of the ‘system’.

Life in Johannesburg:

Q: What do you enjoy the most about living in Joburg?
A: The pace- it’s matched by no other.

Q: Favourite restaurant in or around Joburg for lunch with friends?
A: Signature, Morningside, Sandton.

Q: Three places in Joburg that are a must visit for all tourists?
A: 1.Apartheid Museum- for history and context
2. Nelson Mandela square/Sandton City for shopping
3. A historical township like Sharpeville or Soweto for a true reflection of life in SA.

Q: If you could live anywhere else in SA, where would it be?
A: I like the coast.

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