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SA Music- the perfect pressie!

Gazelle are uniquely South African

Finding the perfect Christmas gift can be a nightmare. Sometimes buying a CD is the safest bet, particularly if you share some of the same musical taste as the gift recipient! If not, it’s often easiest to walk into your nearest chain store and pick something off the Top 40 charts. Still, we often feel like buying someone a CD lacks that personal touch.

Then again, if you’ve really taken the time to select an album that you feel will truly make someone’s day/ month/ year, you walk away feeling quite pleased with yourself. This year, kill two birds with one stone by buying an album by a South African artist.

The South African music scene is undergoing a renaissance of sorts with world-class acts popping up all over the country every month. And they’re not just the ones you’re hearing on commercial radio. These artists rely on your support to take their music to the next level and be heard on bigger and more prestigious platforms. Plus, some of them really need the money.

So, whatever your musical palate, we have compiled a list of some of our favourite local artists in various genre’s who you may want to consider as a gift for someone special. Not only will you be supporting local talent but you will be giving the person you care for a unique gift that clearly involved some thought on your part.

Jax Panik- a phenomenon

Bear in mind, some of these artists’ albums are not available at your local Musica- although many are. In some cases you will need to download the albums online or order a copy online from the band. Once again, a little effort proves that you’ve put some thought into your gift. Take a stroll through Rhythmonline if you’re struggling to find certain artists. It’s the premier site for downloading SA bands.

If you’re into dance/electro-pop, there are some hot acts that are steaming up dancefloors all over SA. Some of these include Locnville, Goldfish, Jax Panik, Die Antwoord, Good Luck, Flash Republic and Gazelle.

On the Hip Hop/ Rap/Kwaito front Skwatta Kamp, Tumi and the Volume, TKZee, Slikour, Jozi, Teargas and MXO are blazing the trail.

In the House/ RnB arena, the spotlight is still firmly on Liquideep, Blackcoffee, Theo Kgosinkwe, Gloria Bosman, Gang of Instrumentals, Simphiwe Dana and Lira.

Afrikaans music is not longer the playground of Steve Hofmeyer and Patricia Lewis. Acts like Jack Parow, Die Heuwels Fantasties, Valiant Swart, Foto na Dans, Van Coke Cartel and Straatligkinders have turned the the culture of Afrikaans music on it’s head, creating waves that can be seen and heard all over the world.

If you’re looking for SA Rock, you can go old-school with a bit of Springbok Nude Girls, Squeal or Sugardrive or you can crank it up with some aKing, Taxi Violence, Blk Jks, John Ellis, Cortina Whiplash, Zebra and Giraffe, City Bowl Mizers or the Shadow Club.

Captain Stu- all kinds of fun.

If you’re into Ska/Reggae/Dub sounds Fuzigish, Hog Hogitty-hog, 7th Son, Captain Stu, The Meditators and 340ml will not disappoint.

In the more mellow pop-rock scene Wrestlerish, Rowan Stuart, Josie Field, The Pixie Bennett Band, DieselVanilla, Janie Bay or Farryl Purkiss.

SA has a wealth of exciting acoustic music that could be classified as folk. If that’s your vibe, check out  Margaret’s Daughter, Shomon, Mr Cat and the Jackal, Tristan Waterkeyn, Rambling Bones, Vana and the oh so serious Folk Collective, Shannon Hope, Miles Sievright or The Kickstands.

We are blessed in SA to have some highly talented artists that represent us on the World Music stage. These include SAMA award-winning artist Guy Buttery, Nibs can der Spuy, Maisha, Madala Kunene, Syd Kitchen and Vusi Mahlasela.

The Blues is alive and kicking in SA, particularly in the form of award-winning artist Dan Patalansky, Joshua Grierson, The Death Valley Blues Band, Albert Frost and The Black Cat Bones.

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