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Kim & Khloe finally home safe

Kim greets fans in Joburg

You’ll be happy to hear that Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloe are home safe following their whirlwind trip to SA.

The pouty pair arrived in Joburg on Thursday where a small but enthusiastic crowd of followers gathered to greet and tweet. They tweeted pics of her. She tweeted pic of them. It was all very ‘tweet’.

The two leggy celebs then spent the next couple of days schmoozing and promoting Brutal Fruit’s new ‘Cheeky Cranberry’ flavour, attending ‘Tickled Pink’ parties at The Rand Club in Jozi and another spot in Cape Town.

Rumours abounded that Kim was in town to look into adopting a ‘third-world-orphan’ but she insisted that these rumours were completely untrue. The 30-year-old reality TV mogul is a doting auntie to her sister Kourtney’s son but said that was all she was after right now and intends to stay free and single in 2011.

The sisters were then stranded! Extreme flooding in Joburg over the last few days (that has apparently left thousands homeless) and heavy snow in Europe caused flights to be grounded on Friday night.

They once again tweeted about their plight saying, “I hate to complain, but besides being stranded … I’m so jet-lagged. I’m exhausted, starving, nauseous, homesick and have to pee so badly!”

This meant that they would miss their Christmas family reunion the following day according to Kim.

“Stranded in Cape Town! All flights cancelled! We have our family Xmas reunion on my dad’s side of the family tomorrow. Gonna miss it,” she added.

Apparently Khloe was in tears and desperate to get home to her basketball-player husband.

In the end, the girls got off safely but were once again delayed in Paris and only arrived home this morning. Shame. We’re sure they will get over it.

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